Conan Exiles Rules

Just as the game is in early access, and under constant changes, so are our rules.

Expect many changes to the rules in the coming times as we are adjusting to the way the game itself is evolving.
Please read the rules regularly to make sure you are up-to-date to the latest rules.
Make Sure You Follow The Rules, Admins Strictly Enforce Them.

General Rules

Join our Teamspeak while playing on the server for a better community experience. 

By joining the server, you are accepting the aforementioned rules. Make sure you follow these Rules.  Admins strictly enforce them and you WILL be punished and/or banned. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse.  You are constantly reminded to read these rules and be aware of them.

This is a community of mature people who are here to enjoy the game within a decent RP environment.  With this in mind, the following rules are strictly enforced:

  • No Bullying:  Bullying  will warrant punishment by way of permanent warning/ban.
  • No Racism:  In all forms will warrant punishment by way of permanent ban.
  • No Swearing:  Excessive swearing  will warrant punishment by way of permanent warning/ban.
  • No Griefing / Trolling:  Will result in punishment by way of a permanent ban.
  • No Harassment:   Be it of sexual nature or not, will result in a permanent ban.
  • No Music/Noise:  Playing music or making silly and pointless noises constantly through the ingame voice chat protocol is considered trolling and extremely annoying for those trying to play.  Abuse of the ingame voice chat is a bannable offence.
  • General immaturity: Name calling, trolling, racism, spamming public chat, arguments in public chat or by voice in game will NOT be accepted. If you must argue or have any other form of discussion, join the Teamspeak and sort it out there. Admins are available to mentor if needed.
  • Hack/Exploit: No hacking or exploiting bugs of any kind. This will result in a BAN.
  • Admin Enforcement:  Any admin may ban any member of the community at any time if they are considered to be disruptive to the rest of the community. Admins found to be abusing their privileges are also heald accountable and will lose said position and/or be banned.

Be respectful to the admins and other members of this community. We are all here to enjoy the game and have a good time.

PVP Engagement
  • PVP: Players are not allowed to pvp/fight/kill south of the large river south of the map, aside from the islands in the river. We view all land south of the river as spawn-area and therefore not allow people to PVP as we would like new players to learn the controls and the feeling for the game without direct danger from other players.

Building Rules

You can build anything you like however there are some rules that must be followed:

  • No Spawn Building: Players are not allowed to build anything (this includes beds and campfires) south of the large river south of the map. They can however build on the islands in the river. We view all land south of the river as spawn-area and therefore not allow people to build there.
  • Base Entrance: Each base must have a door that leads you into the castle/keep/home/residence. A gate with a wall behind it restricting access into the base is not sufficient. Keep it realistic.
  • Structural Integrity: When building, players must take structural integrity into account at all times. This means buildings need sufficient supports at all times.
  • Land Claim: Players are only allowed to claim land by building a base on that location. Anything else than a base to claim land or prevent others from building in this location will be removed by an admin without warning.
  • Max Limit Land Claim: Each clan is allowed to have a maximum of three separated bases. Building a village/city is allowed, in which the buildings do not have to be connected. However in such case the area needs to be surrounded by a wall (man-made or natural) marking it as such.
  • Building bases/structures: Bases without a clear passage via a main door.  Blocking that door using building building material is not allowed.  Keep it realistic.  Remember you cannot use or delete building material when at war, so locking yourself out or in whilst at war would not be realistic. Cliff and mountain bases are allowed, but only if they have accessible staircases, which are not allowed to be removed.
  • Public Place: Players are not allowed to block off public places that the game has intended for players to be visited. This includes among others: “Game-made temples, NPC camp locations, lore places, dungeons, locations of high priests, and legendary thralls.”
  • NPC Camps: Building in the close vicinity of a NPC camp causing it to despawn is not allowed.
  • Raiding: While raiding it is allowed to make an entry to the base, and destroy beds, workstations, chests and other placeables. However it is not allowed to systematically destroy someone’s base as that is considered to be base-griefing.
  • Raid Time Limit: After a clan has raided another clan, that clan is not allowed to raid the same base again for a period of four days (this includes the day of the raid itself) and can raid them again on the fifth day. (for example: If a clan raids a base on monday, they are not allowed to raid that base again until friday.)
  • Hack/Exploit: Anyone found, or reported raiding by using exploits, glitches or cheats will be banned. Melee and/or explosives are the only acceptable raid methods.
War Rules

War is an attack on another base with a group larger than 3 people, it is also the only time you may use an avatar to smite your enemies. And though war can be exciting and a great way to settle disputes, some rules do apply.

  • Avatars: Avatars are only enabled during times of war. We see Avatars as weapons of mass destruction, and can therefore only be used during an actual war. However an admin will enable the Avatars TWO hours before the start of the war so both parties have the chance to gather the last resources to complete the recipe of the summoning token. Keep in mind though that even though the Avatars are enabled during these TWO hours, the official war has not yet started and actual summoning of the Avatars is strictly forbidden and will result in severe punishment upon use.
  • NLR – New Life Rule: If you die fighting someone, you cannot return to the scene or re-initiate contact with said persons for a period of 15 minutes of your death. A good distance to stay away from said scene, would be 100 meters
  • Valid Reason: You must have a valid reason to declare war on someone, this can’t be “ because I don’t like him”, “I want his base location”, “you’re building too close to me”. However these three examples could be valid reasons if explained with a good reason.  You need to create a valid reason.
  • Announcement In-Game: You must ANNOUNCE your war. You must tell the clan that you are planning on going to war with them and this announcement must be made in person by sending a messenger, not across the lands. The clan you are waging war o
  • Announcement to Admins: Whenever you want to wage war on another clan you must fill in the war request form on the website. This request will be reviewed by an admin and will be either approved or disapproved. If your request is disapproved by an admin the war is not allowed, even if the opposite clan has agreed to the war.
  • Time of War: The earliest any war can start is the day AFTER you have received the approval of an admin. Wars start at 20:00 CET and last until 00:00 CET.
  • Building/Dismantling: During a war you are under no circumstances allowed to rebuild destroyed parts of your base or remove parts of your base to cut off access for the attackers. You are ONLY allowed to use a repair hammer.
  • Rule Breaking during War: Under no circumstance are you or one of your clan members allowed to break a rule during a war. If a rule is broken by ANY member of your clan, you and your entire clan will be punished by all being put in jail for the remainder of the war. This means that your entire base will be left undefended for this period of time.
How To Deal With Rulebreaking Rules

What to Do If Someone Breaks the Rules:

  • Record:  We recommend  to use a video recording software (e.g.Shadowplay) so you can provide  proof of the incident
  • Reporting Player[s]: Use the website or log into Teamspeak if urgent and find an Admin and discuss the incident with them.
  • Compensation: Once enough evidence is provided  the case will be resolved and the item(s) will be returned,  and/or the issue will be dealt with. 

What to Do If You’ve Been Banned:

  • Log into Teamspeak and find an Admin and discuss the incident with them.
  • Depending on the ruling you may be unbanned after the situation has been discussed.